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The history of AUNDE Brasil is intertwined with the history of the development of the automobile industry in Brazil.

With its entrepreneurial vision, products and increasingly qualified professionals, the company is proud to be a leader in the segment in which it operates.


In 1976, with the ban on importing vehicles, the national industry accelerated its pace and took its place in the market. With the trend of replacing the materials used, it is time for the internal lining of vehicles. Assemblers go in search of suppliers with the capacity and competence to produce fabrics that meet their technical specifications. The task instigates two great entrepreneurs, one with extensive experience in the automotive market (Mr. Vital Moreira) and the other with a tradition in the textile sector (Mr. João Carlos Callas), to accept the challenge of producing combined textiles for the automotive industry. That's how Coplatex was born in 1976, in Diadema – SP. With the accelerated growth of the automotive industry, Coplatex expanded its production and five new branches were created, all in Diadema, aimed at the following activities.


Branch 2 - Production of rugs, carpets, fabrics made of natural and synthetic fibers, floors and plastic coverings;


branch 3: lamination and molding of plastic foam, bonding and drying of textile materials.
branch 4: fabric manufacturing
branch 5: deposit for laminating, gluing and molding plastic foams.
branch 6: fabrication of fabrics coupled with foam and screen.


In 1982, given the growing industrial and operational need, allied to the philosophy of continuous quality improvement, the project for the construction of a fully integrated and verticalized factory came out of the paper and became a reality. In 1986 the new Coplatex headquarters in Poá is inaugurated
(SP) with 60,000 m2


In 1990, the production of Covers for automobiles started in Diadema (SP).

In the late 1980s Coplatex was the only supplier of textile coatings for the automotive market. This great demand gave rise to the growing need for reliable foam suppliers, guaranteeing the quality of the coupling of their tissues. The market, however, lacking good suppliers, asked Coplatex for a reaction. In addition to the possibility of internal supply, the foam market brought the opportunity to expand its business.


The 90s were marked by the globalization of the economy. Markets opened up and with them new competitors entered the scene. It was necessary to get ahead and form partnerships to be side by side with the constant innovations of the world market

The globalization process opens up a range of new possible markets. Coplatex always ahead, sees in the partnership with the AUNDE Achter & Ebels group, with plants all over the world, the possibility of integrating itself into the large global market.


In 2002, yarn production began at the Poá Plant (SP).


After years of successful partnership between Coplatex and AUNDE Achter & Ebels, Coplatex is renamed AUNDE Brasil S.A.

In 2009, Ebossing production began in Poá.
2015 - The new Cutting and Sewing Plant in the city of Itaquaquecetuba (SP) with 16,000 m² was inaugurated.