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AUNDE Brasil is the largest Brazilian supplier of laminates for fire or glue dubbing. In the continuous lamination process, it uses state-of-the-art equipment that ensures imperceptible, or almost zero, variations in thickness and width.

The only company in Brazil to compress foam coils, up to 1.60m in diameter, reducing their original volume by up to half. This process aims to facilitate transportation with lower freight cost.

Elongation, traction, tearing and airflow are strictly controlled properties in modern equipment in your laboratory. High support, flame retardant and low-fogging foams are developed to meet the most discerning markets.  Thus, AUNDE Brasil dubbing foams provide quality services to the automotive, footwear, apparel, intimate apparel, cleaning and civil construction segments.

All guaranteed and certified.


AUNDE Brasil produces foam blocks for all market segments: furniture, mattresses, technical parts and sound insulation. The continuous foaming process guarantees the effectiveness and quality of your final product. Blocks with densities ranging from 15 to 50 kg/m³ are produced with perfect cellular regularity, which maintains the uniformity of the product. Foams with high resilience and low permanent deformation, without the use of mineral filler, perfectly meet the demands of the furniture and mattresses market.

Control of air passage, number of cells and hardness give the foams special characteristics that allow noise absorption, being widely used in sound insulation boards.

Viscoelastic foams are developed for the mattress and pillow market, serving a public that demands quality and comfort.

With one of the best equipped laboratories, AUNDE Brasil is prepared for any developments you think about for your production line.

Special Foams

  • With Bactericide  – Prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria
  • Soft / Hyper soft  – They guarantee softness and comfort
  • UV Resistant – Retards oxidation caused by UV rays
  • High Support – Hardness with Return Power
  • Self-Extinguishing  – They delay or do not propagate the flame
  • Acoustic Isolation – Absorbs noise