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Social Responsibility

When it comes to responsibility and social development, we at AUNDE always seek to maintain the same standard of service and quality with which we serve our customers, aware that investment in the area is essential mainly for social and human development, with focus on training and training human resources, and our growth and consolidation as a leading company in the textile industry.

Do you know our AUNDE Cidadã social project? In this project, we develop actions with the community obtaining excellent results. Together with the volunteer work of our employees who make up AUNDE Cidadã, we develop partnerships in social programs related to children and youth. Thus, we effectively contribute to the formation of individuals with integrity and aware of their rights and obligations, as well as their professional training.

We at AUNDE are also recognized for always maintaining high standards in terms of social responsibility in consciously managing all our industrial and human capital and ensuring the essential for development and life on our planet, the environment. As a way to prove this awareness and concern, we are certified by ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
Always open to improvement and involving any behavioral, socio-environmental and management change that involves greater transparency, ethics and values ​​in the relationship of our employees and partners, AUNDE is always socially active and focused on its best delivery.


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