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Integrated Management Policy


To be a leader in its segment, with a global presence and recognized as the best option in vehicle interiors.



Provide excellent textile, plastic or natural materials for the internal coating of motor vehicles, integrating our human talents, technology and systems, ensuring the conservation of the environment and occupational health and safety, maintaining the growth of our organization and the enthusiasm of our customers, suppliers and shareholders.



  • Integrity of our contributors
  • Ethics in our business
  • Commitment to our goals
  • Individual respect and teamwork
  • Innovation in new products and agility in serving our customers.


To access the corporate values ​​of the entire group, follow the link below.

AUNDE Group Corporate Values




Achieve the satisfaction of our customers with products and services with an excellent level of quality, through the commitment of our team in the continuous improvement of our processes.



Preserving the environment through protection, prevention of pollution in nature and the reduction of possible environmental impacts in its activities, products and services and the rational use of natural resources, through continuous improvement to increase environmental performance.

Provide safe and healthy working conditions, with the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses, seeking to eliminate hazards and reduce risks, through the continuous improvement of the OHS management system, physical conditions and its appropriate facilities and constantly investing in the training and qualification of its employees, third parties and visitors to adopt safe conduct.

Encourage consultation and participation of workers and their representatives.

Meet the applicable legal requirements and requirements subscribed by the organization.