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Código de Conduta (copy 1)

AUNDE Brasil is an industrial company, manufacturer of fabrics and solutions for vehicle interior coverings as well as seat covers and foams.

Part of the AUNDE Group, present in 27 countries, the company has two plants in Brazil. With recognized technical and operational capacity, it guides its activities and business through responsible and ethical behavior and mutual respect among people.

This Code of Conduct provides knowledge of the company's values ​​and rules that are essential to complying with the organization's guidelines. It determines the correctness and guides how we should act in any activity that involves your name, your products, your technology and corporate information of any nature.

Without claiming to meet all the possibilities inherent in the daily development of relationships between people and between people and the Company, as well as in all business situations and routines, the guidelines in this document are clear and non-negotiable. Therefore, it is very important that you fully understand all the information.